Global Practitioners

Global Practitioners comprise twenty corporate executives and educators with extensive experience working overseas. Our hands-on team supports the global business development efforts of small and medium enterprises.


In Japan, human resources are considered the country’s greatest asset. Businesspersons over the age of 60, however, have fewer opportunities to put their experience and skills to good use. Our Global Practitioners comprise twenty experts with many years of experience working abroad as executives. Transcending nationality, age, industry, common sense and customs, we have brought together a team to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to launch global businesses in global markets. With our collective expertise and wisdom, we are committed to developing a new corporate story together with you.



Twenty experts

Our experts in various professional fields actively share the latest information and support you to the fullest.

Broad expertise

Our team of professional experts help you address your challenges and select the best solution from among several proposals.

On-the-ground support

A hands-on support team works alongside you to ensure business success.
Our program is guaranteed to generate results.

To the world stage

Our team provides a helping hand to corporations and NPOs regardless of size and shares precious skills and experiences to support your global expansion efforts.

Our Global Practitioners initiative is comprised of a team of professional global business experts who offer support in the fields of sales and market expansion, talent development and corporate reform, among others.
While many companies have been focusing on the domestic market amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our hands-on support team is designed to contribute to and solve the challenges faced by those firms looking to expand their presence abroad.

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Team-based support

Two or more experts form a team to support your business. After listening to your intentions and needs, the Global Practitioner Committee selects the most suitable persons from among regional and industry members.

Extensive expertise

Global Practitioners draw on their knowledge, experience and wisdom developed over the years to inspire you based on project theory and an ability to adapt to the situation at hand.

Purpose-specific assignment

We are committed to providing high quality service from initial consultation to contract signing. Support is provided as required, such as for one-off projects or for a specified duration.

Comprehensive support

Our team members closely monitor project progress while sharing the latest information. We determine the best solution from among well-thought-out proposals.

Collective expertise and wisdom are most important when selecting our Global Practitioner experts.
Although members are divided into regional (North America, Europe and Asia), industrial (Food, Automotive and Machinery, Electronics and Devices, and Other) and project teams, cross-functional teams analyze, investigate and propose the best solution for you after listening to your needs.

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Case studies

We are accepting consultations on various stages, such as wanting to expand overseas from many companies, or already expanding, but wanting to expand further.
Twenty professional group GP experts will support you with a full support system centered on the team in charge.


Our company has five overseas subsidiaries and plans to expand our presence and sales in Asia and Europe. We hope to find opportunities to grow our European business together with GP experts.


We specialize in molding plastics including for daily necessities and auto parts.
With more than fifty affiliated companies in China and some excellent designers, we hope to expand our domestic sales channels with the help of the GP team.

Japanese sweets

We are in the process of expanding our range of luxury Japanese sweets to e-commerce stores and other retailers. We would like to convey Japanese culture through Japanese sweets to affluent customers in Asia and are looking for promising opportunities to expand our new business with GP experts.


For more than sixity years, we have made constant efforts to establish our recycling business in Japan. Given the limitations of the domestic market, we established factories in Asia but were forced to close our China plant due to COVID-19. We would like to expand our Asian business over the mid to long term with you.

"Diagnosis" of the English version of the website

A native English-speaking expert will diagnose what cannot be conveyed by a simple bilingual Japanese translation. A native English speaker who has lived in Japan for 40 years and is fluent in Japanese*1 will listen to what the company really wants to convey and appeal to the client, and then turn it into English that leads to new success in business.
*1: Member who has supervised international English news scripts for national broadcasters and famous English programs.

”Authentic Japanese Cuisine Short-Term Mastery Program” for Chefs Worldwide

Introducing an innovative Japanese cuisine mastery program aimed at chefs worldwide, presented by BRINGUP Co., Ltd. (CEO: Hiroaki Uto). The program is beginning its introduction targeting international audiences, with Brazil as the starting point, and is actively recruiting participants.
For more information, please visit bringup.international Instagram

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Office Ring Systems co.,ltd.

Keiji Yumiyama

Innovative and original products and services cannot be produced using a framework.
Transcending nationality, age, industry, common sense and customs, our GP team is made up of distinguished former corporate executives and educators with extensive experience working overseas. We provide all members with post-retirement opportunities and places to share their expertise and wisdom, and repeatedly discuss with them how they can best leverage their respective experience. With more and more SMEs wishing to expand their original products and services into global markets, we are delighted to help develop a new corporate story together with you.



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